A natural diamond is generated from the carbon of volcano ashes – about 200 km below the earth’s surface at very high pressure and very high temperature over a very long period. We simulate these conditions – at approx. 60.000 bar and approx. 1.400 Grad Celsius and let the cultivation grow in a fast motion process.

In order to create this unique and distinctive fire of your diamond we need parts of the cremation ashes or parts of coat resp. plumage of your pet. The developing process is divided into different process steps which are documented in your certificate of genuineness.

The Carbon Source

Remembrance Diamond

Carbon source f. e.: hair, cremation ashes or a mixture of both or several companion animals.

Hair Diamond

Carbon source f. e.: hair from one or several of your companion animals.

Friendship Diamond

Carbon source f. e.: hair from one or several of your companion animals complemented by your own hair.


Please choose a Semper Fides partner of your confidence or contact us directly in order to inform you and give support with your choice of PUREdiamond.


Base color

You determine the base color. The definite tint of your personal PUREdiamond is dependent on the specific process of the diamond growth and the individual carbon source.

Rough diamond

The PUREdiamond as a rough diamond. With all its unique nooks and crannies, just as beautiful and unique as your beloved four-legged friend…


You may select raw, brilliant, emerald, princess or any other cut. The decision is entirely in your hand.


You may select cut PUREdiamond carats between 0,25 and 1,0 and up to 2 ct. rough PUREDiamond.


The PUREdiamond is available from 2.390, – Euro. The price depends on the size, cut, base color and carbon source.

For individual offers and financing options, please contact us.

After we have discussed your wishes and ideas, the individual carbon source is handed over. Then, we commence the preparatory analysis.


Recovery and purification of carbon

We apply a special procedure in our laboratory for the carbon extraction. Among other substances, acids and bases are used for the separation of organic and inorganic ingredients.

Precondition for the growth for a PUREdiamond out of the extracted carbon is to increase the purity of the isolated carbon. In this process, carbon oxides are broken down, metallic impurities are evaporated and a distinctive graphite structure is generated. This is done by heating the amorphous (unformed) carbon in vacuum at 2,700 ° C to 2,900 ° C.

The result is a graphite with a very high degree of purity. The arrangement of the carbon atoms in graphite structure is a prerequisite for the subsequent diamond synthesis.

Even a slight impurity may prevent the transformation in your diamond.

During cremation, most of the carbon escapes as carbon dioxide. As a rule, between 1.0 and 2.5 percent carbon remains in the ash. This proportion can be verified by any appropriately equipped laboratory.

The growth

Now the graphite is embedded in a special developed growth cell. This growth cell consists of various components, which are manufactured by hand and according to individual customer request.

This is done with highest precision and paid attention to absolute cleanliness, otherwise the individual diamond growth process would be difficult or impossible. The growth cell creates an isolated environment, necessary for the undisturbed growth process of your diamond.

The growth cell is used in a HPHT press. HPHT stands for “High Pressure High Temperature”. The PUREdiamond HPHT presses are specially designed and developed precision machines weighing up to 15 tonnes. The growth cell that is inserted in the HPHT press is exposed to a pressure of around 60,000 bar and a temperature of approximately 1,400 ° C. Under these conditions, which correspond to the growth conditions of a natural diamond, the lattice structure of the graphite transforms into your personal diamond.

The carat size of your PUREdiamond does not depend on the graphite quantity, but on how long the growth cell remains in the HPHT press. The growth period determines your desired size. For your PUREdiamond the growth time is calculated. Thereafter, the growth cell is removed from the HPHT machine.

The growth cell is now removed layer by layer. In the cell nucleus, embedded in the individual “catalyst melt”, is the rough diamond located. Generally, the rough diamond has a cubic shape, with up to 32 crystal surfaces. After breaking the cell, your rough PUREdiamond is carefully uncovered and cleaned from the surrounded alloy, with special acids.

All diamonds of Semper Fides grow out of an individual carbon source. This implies that the final parameters, such as the intensity of the selected base color, the degree of purity, the proportions and also the weight are determined during the individual growth process, leading to your matchless unique diamond.

Cut and polishing

According to your request, your PUREdiamond is cut or handed over as a polished rough diamond. Polishing and cutting a diamond is a genuine artistry, therefore only experienced professionals carry out this delicate craftmanship.

Depending on the cut and the customer desires, we work together with various experts.


Engraving and certification

After the quality control every PUREdiamond receives an individual laser engraving (order number and diamond sign from the Logo). This is a clear identification of your PUREdiamond. The laser inscription is legible only with a microscope of at least 30x magnification.

In addition, we can also personalize your PUREdiamond with an individual engraving, for example the name of your beloved companion animal.

After your PUREdiamond has been engraved, the final documentation and the certificate will be issued. The certificate includes, inter alia, the origin of the carbon, the characteristics of the diamond and an abstract of the stages.

Handing over

According to individual arrangements, the finished PUREdiamond will be handed over to you. Then, you can turn to a jeweler or goldsmith who will frame your diamond into a jewel.

Our promise

We guarantee that the carbon of your personal diamond (carbon content diamond > 99.9 percent) comes from the carbon source given to us and no foreign carbon is added. Pay attention to this information when comparing offers.