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Eternally joined – always with you! Your PUREdiamond gives you the most beautiful memory of your companions. The PUREdiamond can be…
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What is the profession of Semper Fides?

Semper Fides transforms individual carbon sources (ashes, fur/hair, feathers/plumage , etc.) in personal diamonds. Every diamond is as unique as the animal from which the diamond has emerged.

For your PUREdiamond we need at least 5 grams of coat/hair respectively plumage or 300 grams of cremation ashes. The base of our perishable life – carbon – turns into a diamond. Unique and eternal.

Whether during the lifetime of the loved animal or as a memorial – We enable a transformation to your „Remembrance Diamond“, your „Ashes Diamond“, your „Hair Diamond“ or your „Friendship Diamond“.

We invite you to learn more about the process on the following pages.

PUREdiamond – more than a diamond!


How is your PUREdiamond grown?

Diamond of animal hair, feathers or ashes

We are in your region

Our headquarter is in Germany, but we are working internationally with various partners. Looking for a contact in your region? Don’t hesitate to contact us.


Semper Fides Diamonds GmbH
Zur Alten Mühle 43
D – 38228 Salzgitter

Tel.: +49 5341 2239122
Fax: +49 5341 2239125


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Prices & GTC

PUREdiamond: Please note: there are different taxes and country-specific costs, which vary depending on the country. Enclose you will…

Charity Projects

Several years has passed since we have organized the charity projects with Isabell Werth, Ludger Beerbaum und Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Are you interested in implementing a similar project with us? Then please, send your proposal to:  

The disease cancer concerns everybody of us. Due to personal concern we decided to support the German Cancer Support Organisation in their fight against cancer. Besides the financial support it is our concern to inform the public about cancer, to increasingly publicize prevention measures and support projects improving diagnostic and therapy possibilities. Has the cancer been identified early, it is most probably curable.