Visit our manufactory!

In the last years we have consolidated all the necessary resources in our manufactory. Here grows your personal diamond. We are happy to invite you to visit us in Switzerland.

Learn how a unique diamond is created from the ashes or coat respectively plumage of your beloved pet. We look forward to your visit to our manufactory! Just make an appointment and see behind the scenes of Semper Fides:

  • How do we work in the laboratory?
  • Where and how does your diamond growth?

PUREdiamond – more than a diamond!


Semper Fides keeps its word. We solely deliver diamonds which fulfill our high quality standards. You receive a certificate confirming the genuineness of your diamond as well as the documented steps of our work. At your own expenses, you can optionally ask for a gemological report at an independent gemological institute.

Besides (to guarantee a high quality standard):

  • the whole process is certified
  • the PUREdiamond is produced in Switzerland
  • you can authorize a notary to observe and control the whole process

In the end it is confidence – you are warmly invited to make an appointment to visit our manufactory.