Why the “Goldfever-Diamond”?

In Germany, every year 420’000 people come down with cancer. Every third family is affected by this disease – also Ludger Beerbaum: his mother died of cancer.

Also in the family of a young rider from Wedemark nearby Hannover there happened a dramatic case of illness: With the 30-year old Maike Becker a cervical carcinoma in very advanced stage was diagnosed. In 2006 Maike died at the age of 31 years – a fate that could have been preventable by better clarification and early diagnostic.

“Due to my experience with the disease cancer I have intensified my engagement for the Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe”, so Ludger Beerbaum. “I am very concerned with raising public awareness and the increased acceptance of preventive medical checkups are being accepted more. Furthermore it is important to continuously improve diagnostic and therapy!”.

The auction proceeds of the “Goldfever-Diamond” shall help to support the word of the Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe”.

What is the “Goldfever-Diamond”?

Horses were Maikes purpose in life, and so family Becker, family Winter-Schulze, Isabell Werth and Semper Fides Diamonds GmbH joined up in September 2006 in  order to undertake something in short notice. The “Satchmo-Diamond” created from the elements of the coat of the double world champion “Satchmo” was sold at auction in favour of the Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe”. The auction proceeds were Euro 14’000.

The “Goldfever-Diamond”, a big golden diamond of the size of at least 1 carat is right now being created from the carbon of the coat of Ludger Beerbaums successful horse “Goldfever” at Semper Fides Diamonds GmbH. This unique diamond will be sold in auction during this year in favour of the Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe”.

Your will have a double profit: you receive the “Goldfever-Diamond” – an inimitable unicum – and the revenue benefits the Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe”, Bonn.

“This project arised from very personal reasons. My concern about the diseases in my field has prompted me to be present and to help so that people can look ahead positively. Come along and bid for the “Goldfever-Diamond”, as every cent is a benefit for all of us”, says Ludger Beerbaum who is taking care of this good thing with big dedication.

All participants made it their business to inform the public about cancer – especially about cervical carcinoma – an its causes, to increasingly publicize prevention measures as well as to improve diagnostic and therapy possibilities. Help us to achieve this aim!


Amongst others, following events and activities are planned in 2007:

Information desks at top-class tournaments in:

25.05. – 28.05.07    Wiesbadener Pfingstturnier 2007, Wiesbaden Stage of the Riders Tour
27.07. – 29.07.07     German championships jumping/dressage, Gera
15.08. – 19.08.07     European championships jumping, Mannheim
25.10. – 28.10.07     German Classics, Hannover
14.11. – 18.11.07     Worldcup jumping, Stuttgart
29.11. – 02.12.07     Munich Indoors, Munich Stage of the Riders Tour

Riding Public sale of riding equipment that brought Ludger Beerbaum and Goldfever to the top of the world
Riding lessons at Ludger Beerbaum´s property
Autographing with Ludger Beerbaum
Auction of the “Goldfever-Diamond” with closing in Stuttgart

“Goldfever and I wish the whole campaign a success! Goldfever has already done its part. Now it’s our turn and we hope to get the most positive feedback possible and achieve our goals.”

Ludger Beerbaum

Stop the cervical carcinoma!

Many cancer diseases are nowadays curable, if they are diagnosted early, including the cervical carcinoma: All women in Germany being legally covered by insurance have from their age of 20 years the right of an annual early diagnosis examination at a gynaecologist. Since spring 2007 there is in addition a vaccination available that can protect against cervical carcinoma: the HPV-vaccination.

About 80% of all cervical carcinoma result from an infection with human papilloma virus (HPV). These viruses are transmitted during sexual intercourse and nearly every sexually active human being will at least once in his life be infected with HPV. Mostly this infection does not cause of tissue, which can in the end degenerate malignantly. A vaccination protects against the spreading of the HPV-infection and can therfore prevent most of cervical carcinoma cases.

The regular attendance of early diagnosis examinations is also important for following tumour diseases. breast cancer, skin cancer, bowel cancer and prostate cancer. The legally health insurances offer women from the age of 20 years and men from the age of 45 years free examination. So far only every second woman and only every man take this chance.

Take your chance and protect yourself in time!

Information to the auction

Start of the auction: Friday, 25.05.2007, at 00.00 hrs
The expected end of the auction is on 16.11.2007 at 24.00 hrs.

Result of the auction

Thank you! The final bid is 27.000 Euro!

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