Semper Fides – “Forever faithfull!”

Our quadrupeds provide us faith, loyalty and deep affection but also zest for life, fun and enthusiasm. Each with a unique and distinctive individuality. Life without them is hardly conceivable.

The diamond, the symbol for everlasting love and loyalty, cultivated solely out of endogenous carbon extracted from our loyal companions, eternalizing the exceptional uniqueness of each individual.

Since 2006, we provide PUREdiamond to companion animal owners/ caregivers, as a unique memory or exceptional present during their lifetime. Regardless of the emotion leading you to choose PUREdiamond, it transforms the feelings beyond words into reality.

We guarantee that your personal diamond is made exclusively from the carbon out of the cremation ashes, the hair or feather / coat of your pet!

Trust, transparency and individuality determine our actions.

Sincerely your Semper Fides Team

PUREdiamond – more than a diamond!