Charity Projects

Several years has passed since we have organized the charity projects with Isabell Werth, Ludger Beerbaum und Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum. Are you interested in implementing a similar project with us? Then please, send your proposal to:  

Besides the financial support it is our concern to inform the public about cancer, to increasingly publicize prevention measures and support projects improving diagnostic and therapy possibilities. Has the cancer been identified early, it is most probably curable. Half of all adults as well as three of four children can be cured nowadays. The Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe” has significantly contributed to this success.

By means of the auction of the “Satchmo-Diamond” in 2006 – with proceeds of Euro 14.000 – and the “Goldfever-Diamond” in 2007 – with proceeds of Euro 27.000 – we were already able to make an important contribution to the promotion of the work of the Organisation “Deutsche Krebshilfe”.

In this place we say many thanks to all who engage themselves and support us. In particular we thank Isabell Werth, Ludger Beerbaum, family Winter-Schulze and the organizer of tournaments in Wiesbaden, Mannheim, Gera, Hannover, Stuttgart and Munich.