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The Growing

A natural diamond is generated from the carbon of vulcano ashes – about 200 km under the earth´s surface at very high pressure and very high temperature over a period of millions of years.

We simulate these conditions – approx. 60’000 bar and approx. 1’500° Celsius – and let the


developing process pass off in fast motion.

In order to create this unique and distinctive fire of your diamond we need parts of the ashes or parts of coat resp. plumage of your pet. The developing process is divided into different process steps which are documented in your certificate of genuineness.


Please choose a Semper Fides partner of your confidence or contact us directly in order to inform you and give support for the choice of your PUREdiamond.

An overview of possibilities:



After the general decision for your PUREdiamond select your specific size in carats:

Other sizes, we can gladly provide on request!


Generally you can choose all possible cuts. The most popular cuts are:

After the choice of one kind of diamond the source material is given to Semper Fides or to the partner.


analyseFirst of all the ashes or coat resp. plumage will be analysed in a specially equipped laboratory. The results of the analyses form the basis for safe growth process.



Extraction of basic elements

gewinnungIn this phase the carbon will be seperated from the cremation ashes as well as the elementary structure from the coat or plumage. For this process we use a specially developed, patented technology.




entstehungThe carbon extracted from the ashes or coat and plumage will now be exposed to high pressure and high temperature. The diamond begins to grow, atom by atom. This process will be continued until the required carat size has been achieved. The ashes resp. coat or plumage handed over to us will hereby completely be exhausted.



schliffAfter the rough diamond has grown, the finishing begins. Brillant, princess, emerald cut or a cut corresponding to your individual wishes as well as polish and engraving can be realized according to your personal imagination.