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The Diamond


Your personal diamond grows exclusively from the carbon of the ash, coat or plumage of your dog, cat, horse or bird passed on to us.

In order to preserve the uniqueness of your diamond, we add no carbon from other sources.

For your PUREdiamond we need at least 5g of coat respectively plumage or 300g ash (equivalent to approximately 10kg live weight). If you have not enough, there are different ways to realize the growth of your PUREdiamond:

  • The combination e.g. of coat and ash
  • Adding carbon extracted from individual ingredients, like e.g. from the favorite toy or the collar of your pet
  • Combination of different ashes or hair samples.

So far we have always managed to find a custom solution! You can download the information flyer for PUREdiamond here: PUREdiamond – more than a diamond!

Your personal unicum

All PUREdiamonds grow from the individual carbon source handed over to Semper Fides. The characteristics of your personal diamond – i.e. clarity, proportion and your desired weight – are determined by the complex growing phase.

The unique color on the other hand is dependent from the specific process of the diamond growth. You determine the base color – such as your personal PUREdiamond sparkles, decides during the individual growing process.

The color of a diamond is formed by the inclusion of a few individual elements, such as nitrogen or boron, in the diamond crystal lattice structure. The difference in the inclusion fewer particles (measured in ppm: parts per million) this leads to large differences in the color intensity. For example, results from the incorporation of about 5 ppm boron a sky-blue diamond, at about 10 ppm boron a deep blue.

The following basic colors we can realize for you: yellow, red, pink, green, blue-white

We will try to realize your exclusive color requests. Sorry, but we can not guarantee this.

The various processes that lead to the respective color are connected to different steps and costs for us. For more details please contact us.