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Satchmo Diamond

  All for the German Children´s Cancer Support Organisation: Isabell Werth, Riders Tour and Semper Fides joined forces and did sell the ‘Satchmo-Diamond’ by auction. The “Satchmo-Diamond”, a diamond of 0,5 carat, was created from the elements of the coat of our double world champion. Combined …

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The “Goldfever-Diamond” What is the “Goldfever-Diamond”? Horses were Maikes purpose in life, and so family Becker, family Winter-Schulze, Isabell Werth and Semper Fides Diamonds GmbH joined up in September 2006 in  order to undertake something in short notice. The “Satchmo-Diamond” created from the elements of the …

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Project history Satchmo and Goldfever The “Satchmo-Diamond” brought in 14.000 Euro for the German Children`s Cancer Charity. It was a great success in consideration of the unknown topic and the short period of realization. The charity event with “Goldfever” and Ludger Beerbaum was continued in 2007: …

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