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Prices & GTC

Prices and General Terms and Conditions

Please contact us to get prices and conditions for the PUREdiamond. Due to the different taxes and country-specific costs in each case, we will be happy to send you the order sheet that applies to you and put you in touch with a contact person in your area!

We would be happy to provide you an individual offer! Financing directly through Semper Fides Diamonds is also possible. Please contact us, in case you are interested in several diamonds.

The way to your diamond is very simple

  • Choose a Semper Fides Partner of your choice or contact us directly.
  • We support you with the selection of your PUREdiamond and with completing the order form.
  • You hand us over your individual carbon source.
  • After the settlement of the agreed prepayment, we commence the preliminary analysis and the developing process.
  • About six months later, your PUREdiamond is handed over to you, with a certificate of genuineness and guarantee.
  • Fundamentally, all procedures can be tailor-cut to your personal requirements!